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Amy is a passionate certified personal trainer who uses a combination of HIIT, resistance training and stress management techniques. Two of her main passions are Boxing/MMA and training women who are both pre and post-natal. After having two high risk pregnancies and juggling motherhood herself, she decided to also gain her women’s specialization certification. This has educated her to understand the female body throughout all life stages. Amy loves working with clients to find the best fitness and health options for their unique needs. Her knowledge, support, and personality make her methods challenging but rewarding. She helps you achieve desired results without boredom or burnout. Amy has therefore gained a loyal following in London and New York. She is a featured trainer on E News and is known for being warm, down-to-earth and for being able to make her clients feel at ease.



"After  gaining 50lbs with my second child, I was determined to get back to my pre-baby body! I began training with Amy and had lost 40lbs after just 3 months. I have never felt or looked better! my waist is smaller than it was pre-pregnancy. Her expertise in both diet and nutrition is also what sets her apart from the rest". 

- Sarah A.

"I was hesitant to begin exercising after having injured my back in a car accident. Amy was very knowledgeable on training to strengthen the injury but not strain it. I was so happy that after just a few weeks my pain had eased. She incorporated a lot of strength training as my goal was to add some muscle mass to my frame. Amy is super knowledgeable on all aspects of fitness and I would highly recommend her as a trainer.

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