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Passionate about women's health, Amy has a certification in women's fitness specialization. This gives Amy the insights to confidently design safe and effective programming to support women on their fitness and health pursuits across various ages and life stages. From the impacts of hormonal sways and physical changes, to pregnancy and menopause, to evolving nutritional needs, and motivational nudges and psychological issues, Amy will show you how to immediately apply the NASM Optimum Performance Training® (OPT) Model to meet your changing fitness and wellness goals.


A NASM Personal Training Certification is the most recognized and sought after across the world. Certified trainers can be more knowledgeable and better trained than those without a personal trainer certification and better positioned to help their clients achieve their goals. As a NASM CPT, the NASM certification signals that you’ve placed learning and knowledge high on your requirements to serve your clients better. The personal training certification shows that you understand fitness, corrective practices, exercise science, nutrition, and general wellness well. It also shows that trainers are more likely to have a plan of action when working with clients to help them achieve their goals.


Amy is also certified with NASM as a CNC  (Certified Nutrition Coach).  This certification enables Amy to evaluate client nutrition needs based on evidence-backed and peer-reviewed nutritional science,  employ behavior change strategies during client conversations about health, fitness, and wellness and coach clients on navigating various nutrition choices based on their needs, goals, lifestyle, and food preferences.


With 18 years of combined experience as an amateur boxer and kickboxer, Amy welcomes all who enjoy a great full body work out. As a passionate athlete, Amy empowers women through a combination of strength and skills based boxing workouts.



Conditioning is done to improve muscle endurance and cardiovascular ability.  Body conditioning exercises target your whole body, using lots of different muscles to strengthen, shape, and tone your body. They may combine several types of exercise, such as flexibility, strength, and resistance training.Body conditioning improves endurance, increases flexibility, and establishes a balanced, stable physique. These valuable exercises offer a wealth of positive benefits to your overall health and fitness level. Regularly do these moves to build power, coordination, and speed. 



Strength training  also known as weight or resistance training is physical activity designed to improve muscular strength and fitness by exercising a specific muscle or muscle group against external resistance, including free weights, weight machines, or your own body weight. Strength training is critical, not just for looking good and being strong, but for preventing the diseases of aging. Regular strength or resistance training is good for people of all ages and fitness levels to help prevent the natural loss of lean muscle mass that comes with aging.



Having a strong core offers numerous benefits for athletes, desk workers, people who work on their feet, children, and older adults. Core strength is not just for those involved in sports and recreation. Your core isn't just your "six-pack" ab muscles at the front of your body, it actually wraps around your entire torso, including muscles in your sides and back. So when all of your core muscles are stronger, particularly your inner core muscles that attach to your spine, it helps you better keep yourself upright with good posture.



Boxing is not only a great way to improve your physical fitness but also a fun way to challenge your mind and body.  High intensity boxing training has been shown to decrease body fat and improve overall body composition. While most people may think punching power only comes from the shoulder, the act of  throwing a punch involves the entire body.

A good punch involves the lower limbs pushing against the ground and the coordination of the rest of the body to deliver power through the strike. Therefore, the lower limbs, as well as the core muscles, are a significant part of the punching movement.

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